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Welcome to Smart Factory | Open-source IIoT platform
Connect your machines, industrial assets and manufacturing processes
to the internet and unlock new data-driven capabilities.

SmartFactory is a platform for aggregation and analysis of large volumes of real-time data from plant-floor operations in disparate industrial environments.


Following the open-source movement, our platform empowers you to develop your own intelligent IoT solutions for cross-platform and across plant floor manufacturing operations. 


We simplify the digital transformation process on your platform floor by unifying communication and plant-wide applications into a cloud-enabled visualization platform.


Our platform is highly flexible and highly scalable allowing you to conveniently start from an absolute low-cost and low-scale to industry-wide enterprise solution.

Unlock your potential with our IIoT platform

Accelerate your digital transformation by using our industrial IoT platform that’s purpose-built to bring ease in
connecting your industrial world to the digital world.

Key Features


Data Loggers

Integrate your data loggers with our platform to get a unified visualization of critical KPIs from across the plant at a single location.


Get all your industrial devices in one place giving you visibility, availability and full control of your plant operations.



Generate alerts while monitoring critical parameters on your plant floor to respond timely to unexpecting situations. 


Our comprehensive rule engine allows you to develop your own information flow that would help you monitor the floor.


Our Real-Time Logistic Tracking (RLTR) system uses maps to help you track and navigate your fleet and complete supply chain.



Empower your organization with dynamic reporting and gain valuable insights into the production systems for proactive approach to optimizing operations.

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